Patriot Motorized Flags

From Cole Werner, CEO Of Bladwinflags

Suspended or Wall Mounted

At the touch of a switch or wireless transmitter, “Old Glory” appears, providing 
a dramatic presentation of the United States flag in any gymnasium or large 

The Patriot Motorized Flag may be ceiling-or wall-mounted and is 
available in either a horizontal or vertical display.

✔ The flag rolls up into the case 
for storage, and rolls down for 
presentation at the turn of a key. 
✔ Standard product includes a sewn, 
nylon American flag.
✔ Flag measures 12' x 18' (366 cm x 549 
cm) or 18' x 12' (549 cm x 366 cm) 
with both mountings.
✔Product ships in black case (standard) 
with two sets of brackets for mounting 
to wall or ceiling (four brackets in the 

✔ Control options: Key Switch (standard), EZ Power Wireless Remote Control 
and Smart Gym.
✔Options include state flags or school 
banners, provided by the customer (call
for quotation). 
✔ Choose a Vertical or Horizontal display.
✔Black case standard; white optional.
✔ Custom sizes available. Contact 
Draper® for more details.

Baldwin Flags, Cole Werner February 21, 2024
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